Help when chatting:

To start chatting..

Select a select your chatroom, wait for the chat applet to load, select a nickname and press connect.     Please be patient while the applet loads.

Some people are blue, what does this mean?

These people are Channel Operators. They control the Kick/Bans in the channel, control who is to be Voiced, and will Gladly answer any questions that you have towards them.

Some people are green, what does this mean?

Green nicks are given out by a Channel Operator, and are called "Voiced". They don't do anything different that the normal user can do, but thse voiced users stand out.  They are usually given to chatroom frequents.

Are there any rules to follow?

Yes there are rules to follow, please read the rules section on our page. There are specific rules for each chatroom, so try to be familliar with them.  Abuse and rudeness will not be tolerated and may result in a ban.

How do I chat with someone privately?

To chat with someone privately double click on the person's name and it will open a separate chat window with the person. Tabs on the top of the private chat window let you view the users profile.

How do you do actions and sounds?

To send action an action, first click on the menubar  and select "Send as action", then when you type a message, it will be sent as an action.

To send a sound, click on the menubar and select "Send as Sound", once selected a box will popup with a list of sounds.  Then, you may select a sound, type a message and press "ok".

How do you ignore people?

If you wish to "ignore" someone in the chat room, first, click on their nickname and then goto the menubar and click "Ignore Member" and you will not receive their text until you logoff of the chat and come back.

My NickName Doesnt Work!

It is possible that someone could be using your nickname, we are sorry, but sometimes this happens, if you are ever unable to use your nickname, please select a different one, putting numbers after your nickname helps, example Bobby448, or Sarah223, Have Fun!

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